Term & Conditions

We only provide estimates for processing time, not exact time. So, if the work goes smoothly, it might be faster. Or if there are problems in the process (such as revisions, rain, etc.) it will take longer.

All prices in list for A Grade teak wood or A grade sungkai wood.

All are custom made order. No ready stock. All new.

Prices according to the description or picture.

Options for leather: Genuine leather (cowhide and goatskin) or faux leather

Price in list for standard cushion and indoor/linen/velvet/outdoor/canvas cover fabric. Foam and dacron inside for cushion. Another option is to use faux feathers for inside or combine. But, maybe the price will be much higher(not recommended).

Colors could (maybe) vary slightly due to lighting factors.

Natural rattan just one grade (Fine grade).

The price applies to each purchase quantity, start from 1, 3, 10, 20, 50, 100 pieces up per item. Minimum order 20 ft container for FCL and 3 cbm for LCL shipment. Mix items in container!

Wood available is Teak wood, Sungkai wood, Suar wood and Mahogany wood. We highly recommend using teak wood.

Natural woven availabe is rattan, seagrass, water hyacinth, lum/ natural papper, etc.

Hand-crafts using clay, stone, onyx, terrazzo, terracotta, concrete or marble are also available.

Fabric available: indoor, outdoor, velvet, canvas, linen and handmade fabric(cotton) = SAME PRICE. Colors are subject to availability. If you order a color, it will take more time. Please ask for color availability in advance.

Size for CM or INCH.

Price for US Dollar.

We take A grade wood from the middle or inside the stem. The center of the wood has natural oil as a protector. And has a darker color with a pattern or texture that is parallel. Very nice for outdoor. The point is wood durability is better than B or C grade. And for C grade is the outer wood. Generally the color is brighter. B & C nice for indoor.

We available for NICE synthetic rattan/poly rattan/outdoor rattan. Aluminum, irons, stainless steel, copper for metal materials

If you have other models or other designs, want to different size, other finishing, other colors or you want to use other materials, please ask or send pictures for pricing.

Prices can change at any time. We adjust prices with the latest material prices.

Deposit 50% before production and Balance 50% after all items availabe or after packaging. Balance must be made before shipping.

We don’t do refund, damage due to repeated use is not our responsibility, If you get a damaged item, we will replace for SEVERE DAMAGE on the next order not include shipping cost. Or just reimburse repair costs. We will not reimburse for damage due to shipping. So, you can choose safe shipping agent and safe packaging for your goods. Please be careful when you are unloading. We receive complaints no later than a week after unloading.

We are not responsible for damage during delivery/shipping if you use the services of another shipping agent that we do not recommend.

Canceling an order in the middle of work = LOST YOUR PAYMENT. So, there will be no refund of deposits for that and the product will be ours.

Additional orders in the middle of production will increase processing time.

Changing the material, finishing or color during production (after all spent or after all done) or not according to the invoice will incur additional costs. For example, changing the type of fabric, changing the color of the fabric, changing the type of finishing, etc.

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