Kokean Furniture has been established since 2013. My wife and I developed the business together. We are a family business. We supervise 10 permanent workers and support workers if needed.

We work for indoor and outdoor furniture, scluptures, tableware and kitchenware etc. Everything is custom made, handmade and no ready stock.

We work on new designs, private designs or designs that are already on the market. All depends on the buyer’s request.

We do for users, wholesalers, retailers, cafes, interior designers etc.

Our capacity for a month is 4 containers / 40ft with regular orders.

What if there is a discrepancy in progress? We will make revisions to achieve the appropriate results.

What will you do for damaged or defective items?
We will replace for items with severe damage in the next order.

For more information, please open Terms & Conditions.

With love,
Odi & Fani
Kokean Indonesia